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What is Web 3.0 ?

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26 Feb 2022

What is Web 3.0 ?

Web 3.0 is that the third generation of web services for internetsites and applications that may specialize in employing a cubic centimetre / AI understanding of knowledge to produce a data-driven and linguistics web.

The ultimate goal of internet 3.0 is to make additional intelligent, connected and open websites.

Web 3.0 has not however been enforced, thus there's no solid definition. It took over 10 years to transition from the initial internet, Web 1.0, to Web 2.0, and it's expected to require even as long, if not longer, to totally implement and reshape the online with internet 3.0. However, the technologies that some individuals believe ar about to structure and ultimately outline internet 3.0 ar presently being developed. sensible home appliances victimization wireless networks and therefore the web of Things (IoT) ar 2 samples of however internet 3.0 is already impacting technology.

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